We support and co-create digital health innovation in Egypt

By partnering up with startups, healthcare leaders and stakeholders


We bring developers, data scientists and designers to create solutions for Egypt’s healthcare most pressing needs.


Our events bring innovators and health care leaders together to discuss trends, needs and get to know one another.


We are constantly matchmaking selected startups with mentors and investors and making introductions. As the community grows the possibilites of collaboration increase exponentially.

Chapter Leaders

Cairo’s growing network of Healthcare Innovators

Dr. Amr El Tayeb

Smart Medical Services

Karim Hussein

Algebra Ventures, LLC

Dr. Mohamed Fateen

Plasma Center for Blood Diseases

Ayman Sabae

Shamseya for Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions

Omar Shaker

Clarity Insights

Zienab Mohammad


Tareq Mandour


Ahmed Medhat


Yara Abo el Waffa

John Khalil

Ahmed Abdel Aal

Maie el Zeiny

Hisham Moussa

Mohamed Warda

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